On Speaking At The Auckland Women's Centre.


So back in March I was embroiled in a rather ugly episode on Twitter stemming from a misinterpreted comment I made on social media. The whole thing is something I'd rather forget, but knowing that I’m soon to be on a panel on a forum about online harassment against women I’ve reflected on a comment I made in March in a thread on a friend’s personal Facebook page, which is now in the public domain. In that comment I referred to people using a term some consider misogynist  and I put down people who disagreed with what I’d said. As a campaigner against gender based violence I’m learning all the time and I now understand the harm and hurt my comment caused to people. It was inappropriate. I deeply apologise and commit to engaging positively in the future. I'm not entirely sure how you stress sincerity in a lowly blog post, but please consider me inserting the appropriate memes or emojis which would do so here.